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Training, Consulting and Coaching
Agile Management

Agile management is concerned with the holistic set of practices that enable organisations to better cope with change and turbulence in the marketplace.

Agile Project Management

Agile project management is concerned with the delivery of change through projects founded on agile preferences, principles and practices.

Agile Risk Management

Agile risk management concerns the adaptation of project risk management techniques to make them more conducive to the agile environment whilst promoting the link between project and enterprise risk management.

Agile Financial Management

Agile financial management is concerned with the contractual, financial and accounting aspects of financial management as they apply to agile project environments, agile budgeting and the reporting of value and benefits.

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Valuing Agile: The Financial Management of Agile Projects

About US

Managing Director: Dr. Alan Moran MBA CITP
Enabling the Agile Enterprise

The Institute for Agile Risk Management (IARM) is a Swiss based institution that exists to promote the principles and practices of agile management in terms of agile project, risk and financial management and within the context of the agile enterprise. We are at the forefront of thought leaderhip providing training and consulting throughout Europe via our network of third parties in the agile and academic communities as well as in the private sector.

  • Thought Leadership

    Research and public speaking engagements that challenge prevailing views concerning agile management.

  • Education & Training

    Equipping managers with the tools, techniques and insights necessary to engage in agile project, risk and financial management.

  • Consultancy

    Enabling middle and senior managers to shape and transform their organisations by empowering their staff in terms of agile project and risk management.

  • Personal Coaching

    Assisting managers and leaders in their personal understanding and application of Agile.

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