IARM Launches Agile Financial Management Group on LinkedIn

Agile Financial Management is concerned with matters of contractual, financial and accounting relevance to the agile environment (e.g., agile fixed-price contracts, impact of agile on ROI, cost accounting practices) and constitutes one of the key focus areas for our research. In collaboration with the TSO, the IARM will be soon launching a new publication, “Agile Financial Management: A Practical Guide for Project Managers”, that offers an insightful and practical introduction to this field. Coinciding with these efforts, the IARM is therefore pleased to announce the launch of a new LinkedIn Group group that may be of interest to agile project managers, accountants, PMO staff and others who are interested in how to apply financial techniques and practices to agile projects.

Circle We kindly invite all who may be interested to join us and discuss issues of importance to them in the field of agile financial management. Use this group to share your experiences, pose questions to experts in the field or to explore topics with fellow minded practitioners.