Agile Financial Management

By focusing on the financial and accounting aspects of Agile, this title offers a simple, direct and practical guide for those working as PMOs. It also applies to project sponsors, risk managers and anyone else who shares an interest in the profitability of new and ongoing projects. Find out more at the International Best Practice website!

Key features:

  • Covers such topics as the impact of Agile on ROI, the practicalities of financial decision-making, reporting of value and benefits realization and the management of financial uncertainty in Agile projects
  • Concepts and techniques are illustrated using worked examples and real-life case studies
  • Methodologies that embrace both Agile product development (eg SCRUM) and project management (eg DSDM) feature prominently throughout the title
  • Appeals primarily to the Agile practitioner who needs to learn about financial management in projects and also financial planners who must understand how their techniques apply in the context of Agile projects.

Here is what the reviews thought of this publication:

“A great read for everyone embarking on an agile journey that needs to consider a business case and ongoing benefits realisation.” Darren Wilmhurst, Director of Radtac Ltd

“Packed with useful information, and convincingly well written, this title may prove to be a missing link for agile. This publication does an excellent job at shedding light on the arcane, and often overlooked, financial aspects within agile projects.” Stefan B├órgaoanu, Agile Coach

“Alan articulates techniques to apply in given situations within an agile project. He demonstrates his understanding and practical experience for a variety of topics, such as risk management and currency hedging, which impressed me greatly.” Sekhar Burra, Enterprise Transformation Coach

“Alan clearly, and thoughtfully, states the skills required for an agile financial management role. The title is expansive and easy to understand, guiding the reader through key concepts and requirements.” Gopi K Aitham, Managing Director of Mahtia

“”Any financial analyst or manager who deals with agile projects will need this book.” Alan Koch, President ASK Process, Inc.

“This book will enable project managers to create an agile financial management strategy to smoothly reach their project goal.” Miki Matsuouka, Project Manager and Coach

“Financial planning and management for agile initiatives is a topic that has needed some guidance for some time. This book provides a deep dive into it and will be fascinating to those who want to understand the detail of it, explaining popular financial and risk management practices and theory and aligning them to an agile approach.” Steve Messenger, DSDM Director